OvitaS Unique Approach to Services

OvitaS embraces a Workflow Oriented approach to our Professional Services engagements:
  • Design of Interactive and Automated Workflow and Business Processes from the Start on an engagement
  • Agile Integration of Solution Components through Tiered Workflow Layer
  • Documentation of Solutions captured during design and development

OvitaS Workflow Portal is integral to our Professional Services offerings and engagements

Ovitas has broken away from traditional implementation methods for content management solutions. Today, capturing the way people work and collaborate, and designing the way different information platforms communicate, needs to be done from day one, and be responsive to real time work methods. Ovitas ensures that people who will use the solution are part of the design process, and that the end result is what they need.

  • The Ovitas Workflow Portal allows for dynamic Person to Person collaboration and task automation design in real time. Users will know how things work as they participate in the design process.
  • Through the Ovitas Workflow Portal, flexible, agile integration points to solution application and other platforms, are created and easily maintained. As underlying technology changes, integration is rapidly updated to keep the system running, and the users engaged.
  • Capturing and Documenting the methods that People and Processes use is native to the Ovitas Workflow Portal.

Solutions Capabilities

Ovitas professional services folks are expert in design and deployment of Content Lifecycle Solutions, delivering modular and end-to-end systems, based on client requirements.

Major Solution Components include:

  • Ovitas CMS (Component Content Management System)
  • Ovitas Workflow Portal
  • Ovitas Publishing Bridge
  • MeDaS Metadata Management platform
  • Ovitas Ingestion Bridge for legacy and continuous content ingestion
  • Ovitas Portal Framework for content distribution platform design and implementation

OvitaS Solution Components provide

  • Document authoring and editorial workflows
  • Content review and approval with full version management and audit trail
  • Multi-lingual Translation Management for global content localization
  • Advanced Metadata Management, Taxonomies, and Data Modeling
  • Aggregation, packaging, and transformation
  • Multi-channel information distribution, including portals and intranets/extranets

Services Approach

The Ovitas Solutions are based on common customer requirements, and are a starting place for each Ovitas project.

Our approach lets us modify these Solutions so that you get only what you need. We use a formal methodology that involves your team and ensures that your specific requirements are well understood and well documented.

Standard project documents include Solutions Specifications and Acceptance Test Plans, so that there are no mysteries or surprises in terms of functionality, schedule, or costs.