Automate your business with
low code process automation from Ovitas and ELO

Your business has processes. Those processes are made up of repeatable activities, decisions, and events—collectively business process management. Ready to automate your content-related business processes with a low code process automation tool?

Process automation and efficiency

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Key Low Code Process Automation Features

Not sure what to automate? If you have standardized, repeatable processes that involve capturing information, getting approvals, and interacting with other systems—and you need a comprehensive audit trail—then those processes are good candidates for automation in ELO using workflows and forms.  


There’s no coding with ELO’s workflow designer. Start from out-of-the-box workflows and customize, or start from scratch and design the workflow you need. With built-in version control and logic checking, you’ll be creating workflows with ease and confidence in no time at all.


ELO’s form designer is easy to learn with drag-and-drop fields for just about any information you need to capture—names, dates, lists, text, and just about everything else. Plus you can make fields editable, read-only, or hidden based on your users’ group security settings.