OvitaS Vertical Market Solutions

Ovitas provides Content Lifecycle and Management Solutions to these Vertical Markets:

  • Accounting & Auditing
  • Manufacturing
  • Standards & Compliance
  • Healthcare
  • Banking

Accounting & Auditing

Two of the “Big Four” accounting and auditing firms decided to refresh their internal and external accounting content research portals for their global audience of employees and clients.

Ovitas worked with the firms to deliver tools that allowed them to import and transform all required third party data streams, including the FASB GAAP Codification, AICPA, and IFRS,  as well as transformation of content collections based on formats such as Folio, MS Word, and XML variants, into its internal DITA XML standard.

Ovitas provided intuitive tools to allow their content managers to map those content sets to its internal guidance which includes targeted country supplementation. Ovitas employed the Ovitas Publishing Bridge to extract and package content sets from the technical library for delivery to their global information portal.

For one of the firms, Ovitas created a new generation Knowledge Portal to replace an aging research technical library. The new knowledge portal is deployed in the United States and internationally.


A manufacturer of business to business vehicles wanted to modernize and centralize the production and globalization of its product information assets. Working with an industry consulting firm, they chose DITA XML as their content standard, and chose Ovitas to build their content management and production solution.

They brought product families and variants into the component content management system where they were able to reuse content across products, manage translation to more than 35 languages, and produce product support content in multiple formats for web, print, and on board displays.

Standards & Compliance

The Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) made a decision to change its body of US accounting standards from print/book oriented formatting to a matrix of XML content which would provide dramatically more flexible methods of management and distribution.

This multi-year effort resulted in a new Accounting Standards Codification representing U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

FAF looked to Ovitas to implement and maintain an end-to-end management solution for the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the group responsible for curating the GAAP.

The end-to-end solution includes a back end, DITA XML-based editorial content management system, the Ovitas Workflow Portal, the Ovitas Publishing Bridge, and fully integrated web front end global information distribution portal (asc.fasb.org) with integration to subscription management capabilities.

Ongoing curation of the FASB Codification, including automated updates to FASB Licensees is managed with the Ovitas solution. Ovitas integrated the XBRL business reporting standard with the FASB Codification site, and maintains the management solution which FASB uses to manage the XBRL standard. Today, asc.FASB.org supports 100,000+ global users.


A healthcare diagnostic equipment manufacturer faced a problem that long lived, medical product service documents were being created and contributed to by global authors who had no common platform. Global product distribution required service documents to be in multiple languages. Additionally, the FDA required strict audit and compliance rules for the service documents.

Ovitas helped institute XML as a common data interchange format, tailored to the company’s unique requirements. Product Content Managers at different poles, or continents, were provided common XML authoring tools, and linked together by the Ovitas Workflow Portal (OWP) into a robust Content Lifecycle Management System. OWP added benefits of audit trail, control points, review, and electronic sign-offs aimed at FDA compliance. The solution’s strengths in XML component management gave this organization the platform to manage localization and translation. Common tools, common content format, and a common repository gave them the collaborative, efficient, and compliant solution they required to get critical product service information to their 6000+ field engineers and customers in more than 30 languages. Typical documents might be 1000’s of pages of technical information, graphics, and images relating to products such as magnetic resonance imaging equipment at a hospital site. The global solution from Ovitas currently hosts content managers from the USA, France, Hungary, China, Japan, and India, who manage more than 175 active publications.


One of the US largest banks needed a central place to store, find, and retrieve day-to-day financial forms and documents. As customers interacted with bank employees at any branch, those employees needed to quickly find and retrieve a myriad of PDF files to use in transactions.

Ovitas worked with the bank to create a central system to upload these documents, and developed a web-based, intuitive front end accessible by any authorized bank employee.

This electronic document library solution has greatly improved efficiency, and created a better experience for both bank employees and customers.

OvitaS Solutions Solve Business Problems by Focusing on Your Vertical Needs

We can help you make the best use of new and existing knowledge, whether you are an accounting firm, manufacturer or customer support organization charged with delivering product information, a publisher, or complying with regulatory requirements or contracts.

  • End-to-end and targeted solutions – from the back end Content Factory to full knowledge delivery platforms for web, apps, print, and more.
  • Component content management and Service Portals for access to all relevant product support information for Field Service organizations and Technical Assistance Centers
  • Content search and aggregation for Banking and regulatory compliance requirements

Solutions Capabilities

Ovitas is expert in design and development of a number of standard applications, including:

  • Component Content Management authoring and workflow
  • Portals and intranets for search and navigation of enterprise or workgroup content
  • Compliance tracking for Government Contracts
  • Multi-channel content syndication

Services Approach

Ovitas Solutions are based on customer requirements, which are are the starting place for each Ovitas project. Our deep vertical knowledge focuses our solutions and projects, reducing implementation time and costs.

We use Workflow and business process applications to facilitate requirements gathering. Our approach lets us modify our Solutions to target your needs. We use a formal methodology that involves your team and ensures that your specific requirements are well understood and well documented.

Standard project documents include Solutions Specifications and Acceptance Test Plans, so that there are no mysteries or surprises in terms of functionality, schedule, or costs.

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