ELOenterprise — Automate your processes and integrate your core business systems

Thousands of users? Millions of documents? Global business operations? You need an enterprise-grade content management system – that’s ELOenterprise

Manage your content with an ELO Enterprise solution

Accounting, finance, legal, operations, production, shipping, HR, sales and marketing – every department and function has documents, records and e-mail. Manage it all with ELO.

ELO Digital Office

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Integrated and Scalable Enterprise Content Management

ELOenterprise has all the core document and records management and workflow automation features found in ELOprofessional — Plus enterprise integration and enterprise scalability.

ELO Enterprise Integration


ELOenterprise integrates with your business-critical applications

Your business runs on a lot of applications: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for accounting, finance, purchasing, inventory, and supply chain management, Exchange for communication with customers, SharePoint for project collaboration, as well as home-grown and specialty systems. ELOenterprise integrates with your enterprise.

ERP and Accounting

Integrate accounts payable, supply chain, and other ERP modules in SAP ECC/HANA, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2013 and higher, Microsoft Navision 2009 R2, and Business Central on-premises and cloud.


Automate document archiving in Microsoft SharePoint libraries using ELO. Transfer information from SharePoint columns into ELO metadata. Set filters to easily control which documents you want to archive and when.

Microsoft Exchange

Manage e-mail at the enterprise level. Monitor mailboxes and automatically classify and archive key communications and documents (attachments) before they’re delivered to individual inboxes.

Legacy and Specialty Systems

ELO lets you connect to legacy and specialty systems with a modern REST API. For one-way integration, use the ELO XML Import module. For advanced two-way, synchronized integration, Ovitas i-Link for ELO makes the connection.

ELO Enterprise Scalability

Don’t let your business outgrow your document management system. ELO Enterprise is the enterprise-wide solution for large, global businesses with thousands of users and millions of documents and records.


ELOenterprise server runs on Windows Server and Linux, and supports a wide variety of database options: SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle and DB2


Lots of users and lots of data? ELO Enterprise lets you synchronize your ELO data across multiple repositories in multiple locations. Keep information in sync worldwide.


Create distributed workloads on multiple servers for peak, load-balanced performance, including active/passive high-availability clusters.

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