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Component Content Management is the most effective means of managing product information. The evolution of XML, and current modern XML data models such as DITA – the Darwin Information Typing Architecture – has served to strengthen the argument for creating and managing content in granular and reusable units.

Ovitas Technical and Research Information Production Product Family

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Ovitas Component Content Management Applications

The Content Lifecycle starts at origination of information, whether new or legacy, runs through the Editorial and Approval process, through Translation, Packaging and Transformation, and Distribution. The cycle begins anew with updates and the retiring of old information. 

Ovitas provides targeted component content management applications for each stage of the Content Lifecycle.

Ovitas CMS

Our DITA XML-based, core component content management system provides a scalable repository for any and all content.

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Ovitas Portal Framework

OPF is a pluggable framework for the creation and promotion of information and knowledge portals. Toolkit for implementing Information Portals.

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Ovitas Workflow Portal

OWP is the independent Workflow application that communicates with all Ovitas CMS components and integrates with 3rd party systems to provide interactive and automated process management.

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Ovitas Publishing Bridge

OPB provides workflow driven content aggregation, transformation, packaging, and multi-channel distribution.

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Ovitas Translation Management

Establish relationships with baseline and localized versions of content at an economical and granular level. Package and deliver content for translation, along with contextual information and media.

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Ovitas TMS Connector

Content Packages for Translation will be delivered automatically to Translation Management systems (TMS), creating a round trip process with your CCMS.

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