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simple and easy with ELO iSearch

ELO iSearch opens a completely new chapter in information retrieval. Its powerful search engine finds the information you are looking for with ease. Users are able to access information in the ELO repository from a variety of applications, including ERP systems, CRM systems, and e-mail programs. This produces top-quality results, and the search results can be widened or refined with a mouse click – no training is required.

Find information fast with ELO iSearch! See how today:


Power Search with ELO iSearch


· ELO iSearch considers compound words and basic forms when entering your search.
· While a full text search for “insurance policy” will only return results containing the exact combination of words, ELO iSearch also finds documents that contain only the word “insurance” or only the word “policy”. 
· Intelligent dictionaries break compound words down into their basic forms, so a search for “insurance policy” also returns hits containing “policy”, “policy’s” and “policies”.


· The system detects spelling mistakes directly as you write them and automatically improves them.
· Many search applications do not assist the user in this regard and simply display no results.
· If the user enters “policiy” instead of “policy”, ELO iSearch displays the message: “Do you mean policy?”


· Predicts your search query and suggests related terms such as extensions or synonyms when entering a search term.
· Gives the user additional information that may also be of relevance.


· Limit your search easily. Various filters are available for this, which can be combined as desired.
· When searching for “policy”, other similar keywords may be relevant. The synonym search on the iSearch engine can suggest related search terms.
· Can reduce time spent searching

Finding what you need just got easier

· Use and combine search filters to narrow down your results
· As soon as you start to type a search term, you will be shown possible related matches
· ELO iSearch automatically displays synonyms related to the search term you entered
· Locate information in full text contents as well as in metadata

You can use iSearch to:

· Find content, regardless of where it is stored in the organization — repositories, email systems, websites, databases, social media platforms and much more! 
· Find the right information faster with intelligent query design tools, relevance rankings and contextual filters.
· Search and locate text information even in images or pdfs with OCR image search feature
· Automate searching by saving and sharing search queries and by signing up for alerts to get notified when new documents match your search.
· Empower users with a modern and adaptable interface that supports all mobile devices, operating systems and browsers. 

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