i-Link AI Self Service Portal

Streamline the customer service experience and save time with the AI Self Service Portal

When a customer’s equipment breaks down, they expect a smart, quick, and efficient service. Thanks to the i-Link AI Self Service Portal from Ovitas, customers can quickly and easily locate repair manuals, request service, order replacement parts, and monitor purchased equipment with ease. By simplifying the customer service experience, Ovitas helps you reduce time searching for manuals and optimizes your business processes.

What is the AI Self Service Portal?

The i-Link AI Self Service Portal allows customers to scan a device’s QR code or serial number. They are then given the choice between self-service options such as reviewing operational information, fixing the problem themselves, or requesting assistance from a remote support team. As a last resort, customers can also schedule a technician appointment through the portal.

Documentation Library

Customers can maintain an overview of all purchased products in the portal:

·  Item numbers
·  Instruction manuals
·  Serial and lot numbers
·  Warranties and installation dates
·  Revision history
·  Current service status
·  Technical and administrative contacts

CRM Integration

·  Portal integrates with existing CRM
·  Updates in the portal will automatically update in CRM as well, and vice-versa
·  Edits to a manual or document in one place will automatically update everywhere else in your system

Service Records Archiving

Maintain the latest service records, so your equipment or machinery is always up to date

How it works

Client scans device QR code or serial number with mobile device

Client is led to the appropriate documentation

Scanning the serial number allows the client to locate the documentation and instructional manuals that match the serial number of the product.

Client Reviews Suggestions

After reviewing the manuals and information, the client is able to order the appropriate replacement part, locate all relevant information to a product, and request repairs.

Effective Self Service from Ovitas

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What are some of the key benefits?


Smart Organization

The AI Self Service Portal works behind the scenes to locate all documentation and manuals that match the serial number of the product


Save Time

No more wasting time manually searching and locating manuals and documents for equipment. Now, customers can efficiently search and find what they are looking for


Customer Satisfaction

Improved response times and customer service results in improved customer satisfaction, resulting in loyal customers



Organizational structure of the library can be fit to meet the client needs