Ovitas at ConVEx 2020 Virtual Conference

Ovitas at ConVEx 2020 Virtual Conference

ConVEx 2020

CIDM North American goes virtual in 2020! Ovitas will speak and exhibit at the ConVEx CIDM virtual conference September 21-23, 2020. ConVEx 2020 CIDM is the premier DITA and technical authoring conference and keeps you up to date on the latest technical and software developments that affect your content development and publishing.

Preserving Intelligent DITA Content Through Delivery Channels

Be sure to attend Charles Andrews session on the importance of metadata management when implementing DITA Component Content Management Solution.

Avoid dumb delivery! You have made the investment and commitment to migrate your critical content to XML and DITA. Now, what do you do with it? One practical application is transforming and using this smart content with Expert Diagnostics Solutions. Deliver your Intelligent Content to guided troubleshooting and diagnostics knowledge portals for call center and field service applications to give the best possible experience.

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