Digital Training Management

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per month

  • $5 per participant per month
  • 100 Course Participants
  • Up to 5 Course Creators
  • 250 GB Storage
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per month

  • Unlimited Course Participants
  • 15 Course Creators
  • 1 TB Storage
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Learning goes digital

The software for training management is a modern learning management system that combines a learning platform with a session management tool. This user-friendly, intelligent solution automates the processes of organizing, carrying out, and analyzing training courses.

One-Stop Solution

Learning management system with integrated session management tool and intuitive learning portal

Social Learning Elements

Our learning management system contains social learning elements to motivate participants and encourage group collaboration

Wide Range of Course Options

From e-learning, to face-to-face training, to virtual classrooms, all the way to blended learning concepts


Create or use our templates for confirmations of participation and certificates

Session Management

End-to-end session management for absolute transparency

Reports for Course Evaluation

With our learning solution, generate meaningful reports for long-term course evaluation

Qualification Processes

Organized qualification processes with learning paths

Work Remotely

Available out of office, so you can work remotely, wherever you are.

Highlight Function

Make new courses and other important information stand out thanks to the Highlight function of the portal

How it works

Create different course formats

First, select a course type from four pre-defined formats:

1. E-learning courses: Online courses on demand (self-study)
2. Face-to-face training: Courses taking place in person on a specific date
3. Virtual classrooms: Online courses taking place on a specific date (webinars or web conferences)
4. Blended learning concepts: A combination of online and face-to-face sessions

Create a folder for your course in ELO

It will automatically be added to the course catalog and shown in the learning portal on publication.


When selecting a face-to-face training, a convenient form allows you to enter a session with date, time, and maximum number of participants.

Store all course materials in this folder, such as a confirmation of participation template

Access to the course folder is controlled using permissions and roles

Create learning paths and define requirements

A learning path consists of different courses.

For example, you can set an e-learning course as a prerequisite for a face-to-face training. Once the participant passes both, the learning path is completed.

Publish the learning path in the ELO Learning learning portal.
A path template will help you quickly issue certificates as needed.

Invite and add participants

Participants simply have to enroll in e-learning courses.
If a face-to-face training takes place in two parts, in the morning and afternoon, you can schedule participants accordingly.
Send configurable invitations by e-mail.

Alternatively, participants can also enroll on the ELO Learning learning portal.