OvitaS Customers

OvitaS customers are leading thinkers who are among the first to deploy modular authoring solutions for information delivery, and service portals for information access. We support both large and small organizations anywhere in North America, and through our partners around the globe.

Below we describe a representative sample of customer implementations.

Global Financial Accounting Standards

The Financial Accounting Foundation required an end-to-end solution for the authoring, management, and syndicated deployment of the Codification of the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Ovitas provided the full platform in record time, supporting the CMS, global web site(s), eStore, and client syndication for licensees.

Information Development and Delivery

A manufacturer of healthcare equipment such as Cat Scan and MRI machines required a globally distributed XML-based content management solution to support distribution of its equipment technical documentation to more than 6000 field service technicians around the world. Ovitas provided the solution, which currently supports deployment of the technical information in more than 40 languages.

Employees at a global bank had a problem finding information for every-day banking, such as marketing materials, loan, and accounting forms. Theses PDF documents were dispersed throughout the organization. Ovitas helped solve the problem by implementing a bank-wide intelligent search platform which gives employees compliant and secure access to documents, servicing more than 750,000 requests per month.

Specialty Technical Publishers, Inc., a Vancover BC based publisher of environmental compliance documentation is now able to deliver complex publications with the help of Ovitas and the Ovitas CMS.

Customer Success Story

Learn how a top ten ranked Fortune 500 company supports global distribution of manufactured healthcare equipment with the help of Ovitas Solutions.

What Customers Are Saying

“As a leading global supplier of advanced solutions for industrial automation, we are constantly evaluating new technologies that we ourselves can use to be more responsive to our customers. With the Service Lifecyle Suite, we believe we’ve found a unique tool that will help us bring our customer technical support capabilities to the next level.”