Manage and monitor all types of contracts with ELO Contract

Relationships in business are built on contracts. Let’s make sure your company has transparent and standardized processes in place to ensure you meet compliance and never miss key information or dates! 

Digital contract management from ELO is a field-tested solution that offers you an efficient and secure way to manage all your contractual documents. Relevant information and documents are easily accessible in a central location in the ELO repository. ELO workflows automate and unite processes in a single system, improving interdepartmental collaboration and optimizing productivity. 

Effective Business Commerce with ELO Contract

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Key Features of the Solution

The contract management dashboard offers you a wide range of options for keeping track of key data and reviewing performance, and includes reporting capabilities.

· View all contract details
· Monitor and review deadlines
· Set up payment plans and track cash flow
· Create detailed reports and analyses

The practical calendar view ensures you never miss important dates:

· Alerts and reminders clearly marked in the calendar
· See monthly and daily entries in a compact, at-a-glance view
· Useful function in monthly view to navigate between days
· Daily view in table form with filter, grouping, and evaluation options

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Additional Features of the Solution


· Automatically create contract documents
· Assign permission-based user roles
· Automate approval processes


· Store contracts in one location
· Enter contract details quickly
· Access contracts on the go


· Configure the contract duration
· Set notifications and alerts
· Renew or terminate contracts manually or automatically


· Monitor contracts on a dashboard
· View deadlines as a timeline
· Update payments in line with exchange rates