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Ovitas At DITA NA 2020

DITA North America Postponed to September 21 – 23, 2020

OvitaS will Exhibit and Present at the Phoenix, AZ Conference

Ovitas supports the decision to postpone DITA North America until September. We will exhibit at the conference, and will be presenting a session on the importance of Metadata Management in the implementation of a DITA Component Content Management Solution.

Follow CMS/DITA North America 2020 to visit the conference web site.

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Ovitas Sponsors Free DITA Learning Site

OvitaS Sponsors provides e-learning for individuals who want to explore DITA, the Darwin Information Typing Architecture.

This site was set up by Scriptorium as a hub for DITA and content strategy training.

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OvitaS Solutions Support Industry Verticals


  • Accounting & Auditing
  • Manufacturing
  • Standards & Compliance
  • Healthcare
  • Banking

Ovitas CMS – The Content Lifecycle Solution

Ovitas delivers a complete DITA XML-based content lifecycle management solution for Multi-Channel publishing.

Any content type is supported.

Ovitas CMS keeps all documents and graphics secure and under control – even with strict compliance requirements and globally distributed contributors.

With DITA XML, content components may be easily assembled in the repository and that content can be shared, reused and delivered to multiple targets in multiple languages, reducing costs and increasing accuracy and quality.

Key Benefits

Ovitas CMS seamlessly manages document components, entire files, and structured XML source data at varying levels of granularity from individual objects to entire collections of content. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Reduction in time required to create documents and variants for different media
  • Elimination of redundant authoring, reducing costs and staff levels to produce content
  • Improvement in quality and consistency across product lines
  • Promotion of collaboration and efficient production processes

Key Features

OvitaS CMS offers complete document management functionality and enables modular authoring and sophisticated object linking.

  • Library functions including check in and check out and version control of all objects
  • Integrates with popular editing tools, including Oxygen XML authoring tools,  PTC Arbortext, Just Systems XMetaL and XMax, and Microsoft Office 365
  • Embedded workflow for automated review and approval.
  • Automated document assembly from content components using XML or Word
  • Supports Oracle and runs on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers and browser clients

Why DITA XML content management?

Why not simply continue to deliver documents in the same way? Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you can achieve a reduction in costs and increase in quality with an Ovitas CMS Content Lifecycle Solution.

  • Is identical content often used in multiple documents?  Is there a need to keep track of where content is used?
  • Does content have to be delivered in many formats – Web, Print, Apps, Portals?
  • Does content need to match the skill level of the consumer – Expert, Novice, internal vs. customer?

Ovitas and its customers are engaged in re-architecting information development environments. They are using DITA XML to define content components that can be re-used across multiple delivery targets.

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